Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

I need photo's of Dutton chassis, bare chassis if possible, unmodified if possible and they need to be done to a set of specs, anybody that can help?

I am going to get them drawn up in a CAD package so that you, the club member, can download a sectional picture and then sketch any modifications you wish to make on a plan before making them. I am going to start with my Phaeton chassis when I next go over the lock up, i'll post the photo's up so you can all see what I need. I will also need some measurements taken in millimetres so they can be drawn to scale. 

Anyone with a currently bare chassis project please get in touch and I'll give you details in advance.

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You can see what mine is like modification wise from my pics Ade, there are more pics of the bare chassis unmodified on Mr G's. Over the next few weeks mine will be stripped down again for the final weld up before painting. so let me know what you want and I will try to oblige.


Thanks Paul, side, front, rear, top and bottom, must be shot at 50mm or close to prevent distortion, against a single colour background if possible. 

I did say specific requirements. :-)

Ok  Mr Southgate, I have finished all of the fabrication work and will be pulling the Phaeton to bits again this week to do all the final welding and chassis painting. I have a white wall running the full length of my workshop. and can take some pictures to your spec.  You will have to be a little more specific about how you want them taken ...... I'm not sure about the 50mm bit !! ( bit thick, me :-) )  

The 50mm refers to a zoom lens if you have one. Its not as important as getting the camera square to the chassis to prevent distortion of the chassis parallels. 

Minimum measurements required are

width of chassis across rear of chassis rails.

length of whole chassis, end to end.

height of chassis in a fairly central location.

With the measurements Andrew has already given me I can probably calculate the rest using the PC. 

Some photos I found:


First one is really useful Derek, any idea what series they are of?

could take pics of my front end when i have got engine out if u want

Mine wasn‘t fully stripped before modifying but i do plan to measure the original chassis before rebuilding it for the purpose of drawing up plans! i will see what i can do adrian.

iv,e got a melos chassis almost stripped bare  not to shure on front suspension mounts as the were ,cocked, up and looked a bit twisted so i was going to re-do them  got to shift it from storage in the next couple of weeks  you can ,,borrow,, it if youre not too far away

Thank you. have been itching to do something with my melos and am still waiting for parts. you have given me a reason to go in my garage other than clean lol. will draw up measurements and post. Will be nice to see what others have and compare.

is there an email I can send this too as uploading covers the whole screen and don't know how to shrink but have NON scale drawing and dimensions for you

Hi Andrew



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