Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

I need photo's of Dutton chassis, bare chassis if possible, unmodified if possible and they need to be done to a set of specs, anybody that can help?

I am going to get them drawn up in a CAD package so that you, the club member, can download a sectional picture and then sketch any modifications you wish to make on a plan before making them. I am going to start with my Phaeton chassis when I next go over the lock up, i'll post the photo's up so you can all see what I need. I will also need some measurements taken in millimetres so they can be drawn to scale. 

Anyone with a currently bare chassis project please get in touch and I'll give you details in advance.

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Looks like you are correct. Mine must be an S2. The seller said that it was an S3. Thanks for the info :-)

Just looking at your profile picture it has triumph front wishbones which indicates an early chassis. S2's had extentions on the rear to accept spring hangers from the ford escort leaf springs however not having them does not mean it is an S1. If you post some 'proper size' photo's we could give you a better clarification.

It is most likely an S2. I have the extentions for the leaf springs. But the previous owner put in an escort rear axle woth coil springs.

My "what have I got" article on Mr g''s forum includes cad drawings of an S1 chassis.....and pictures of all the other sports chassis types.

Hi. Which forum is that, I cant seem to find it :-P

Mr G's forum, is little used now, there is lots of info on there..... http://www.godspeed.me/forums/index.php

I have tried to register an account there but it hasn't been activated. Do someone have an email to the admin?

I have sent him a PM.

Have you heard from him?

I found the page with the cad-drawing. It looks awesome :-). Do you have it as and dwg file? I think i have to modify the chassi a bit to get it approved in sweden

I have tried to reactivate my account on Mr g''s forum now for 3 years.....still waiting.

I have asked to be a moderator, as its worth having one of us keeping it going as a reference site. I have also dropped Andy Smith a line about it.


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