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Instructions on how to change your profile picture.

Instructions on how to change your profile picture.
Click the Main link on the top of the page, then click My Page and when it loads hover over the picture on the top left of the screen.
A small segment at the top should darken and enable a link that says change photo.
Click this and it opens your profile page at the top of which is a link to change the photo either to one from your computer (as an upload) or one from the internet (as a hyperlink)
It will then give you a dialogue box in which you may select an appropriate picture which can then be cropped to select the right portion for your image.
Now get em done, you have no more excuses for a DOC badge.

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I see that it now works with Windows 8.1. That's good.

That shot is going to end up everywhere...

BUMP - for all of you using the round logo as a profile picture.

And another BUMP as it seems quiet on here today and loads of you haven't got profile pictures.

so what happens when you do all this (with multiple pictures) you get the uploading thingy an the circle going round and it says error uploading after about a minute

Ah... no idea. which operating system / browser are you using Rob?

Are you guys that are having problems with pictures, using a phone?  If I try to upload from my phone, it wont work, but I have no problem uploading from my pictures files on the lap top or my main PC. I use windows 7 and Google Chrome.   

House pc running window 7 an plain old google

I run the same Rob, do get problems when I import (nick) photos from other sites. Found that if I open them fiddle with them, small crop etc. they seem to work. Bit of a nuisance.

All the ones I have tried have been taken with my mobile an uploaded to pc
Guess I'm sticking with the Dutton logo !
Lot better things to do than messing about with this

Another bump to this post. 

If still in doubt ask me for help, I don't bite.

Well done those of you that managed to change photo's, looks so much better.


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