Dutton Kit Cars and their owners


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Maybe is just VERY quiet?

lol, With the Cherry Bomb muffler on my old girl she just sings when she is started up. :-)

Dont think so Dave, just no one chatting on here! Think they are all where the action is........... dare I mention the two syllable word? 

Agreed... also no one seems to have much to say at the moment. Personally I'm trying to get freebies out of HMG tonight...

I am trying to stop using Facebook because it seems to prevent me from doing anything else. It ought to be a great enabler but on my phone, it lures me into conversations and keeps telling me when anyone responds - drawing me in further. I much prefer this site. Or I did when it was more active.

I haven't really done anything on any of my cars because I have been under a lot of pressure at work where my project is late and overspent. I have nearly finished my new garage but I seem to have so little time or energy left to actually start on my cars in the evenings and grandchildren seem to dominate the weekends.

Facebook - information technology quicksand.


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