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Afternoon all just picked up my melos and need to have a little tinker with it before it goes in for mot and going to try make it as easy as possible to get the car in a shape so that it's easy to change body at a later date as have a s3 shell that needs a bit of work doing to it before then. May get a lot of questions from me but I apologise in advance as I'm just starting out :)

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We like lots of photo's Craig ....... keep em coming!  Good luck with the tinkering. 

Need a new simplified wiring looms as the one in is too complicated and unsure if anything actually works
as it sits
There's a few holes in rear that need some attention but nothing a bit of fibreglass won't solve. I tried to upload a picture of the wiring but can't as it's too large

Try hosting them somewhere else like flickr, easy enough todo when you get the hand of using an external image source.

the current wiring situation

The best thing to do there would be to pull the whole lot out and start again. If you start trying to remove redundant sections and repair others, you never really know the full condition of the loom, and old looms can give you all sorts of head aches in the future.

I've been looking on eBay at a Brands hatch performance loom just waiting to hear back from a member on here if it's worth buying the ready made setup

scotchloks are bad enough in a car but I've seen them in house wiring :-O

Nice gear knob though.

These people do a number of variations of loom, to fit the Severn style cars ................  http://www.rapidfitlooms.co.uk/7stylewiringloom.htm

They look alright especially as they can make to suit if only someone made one that I could just connect to the switches haha


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