Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

We still lurking Daryl !! 

Not much can be done with the site as it is,  because it is part of the old platform.  Unfortunately it does not work well with the latest version.  To bring it up to date we would have to subscribe to the latest version, which is a considerable cost compared to what Tim pay's now.   

They know about the problems and are working on them, but they have been telling me that for months now, so don't hold your breath. 

You can always join in with revolution over on the Dark Side ......... it is very good you know! 

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:-) i may come back on here just to make your day. lemmon sucker :-)

I don't think that Faceache is any good for a car club. There is a bit of interesting stuff, like Steve's posts but most of the rest is pretty shallow or short lived. It also moves down the feed too quickly and you have to wade through a heap of other crap and advert-icles to get to it. On here you can follow a discussion for days, weeks or months, like we did with some of the blog posts. Oh, the good old days!

I could be used as a marketing tool if we had something worth showing to back it up with. 

I'm struggling :-)

Daryl is probably on witness protection and doesn't want to give his location away. He only wears that mask for Stoneleigh.

FAO of duplicate poster victims - If you posted and clicked the button more than once because it was slow to respond thereby creating multiple posts you can delete the 'spare' ones. Go to offending post, on the top right is an options button, click that and select delete discussion.


what is

What is happening

Steve, are you reffering to the site or are you just confused?

Interesting - when I opened the site just now I had to log in (not normal as my page is programmed) and the content is blank, no comments on any discussions. Not the first time the front end has failed.

it seems you can post to this thread and it will appear but not necessarily stay for all to see......

this site needs to be sacked off and a site like MrG's setting up......


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