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went out today for the first time in the leggey started out ok ended up with a tow back :( was running fine for about 7 miles then it felt like it was running out of fuel water temp was sitting at 80c oil ok  let it sit for a few min starts fine but wont pull missing like hell  noticed the wire was off the rad fan fixed that then removed the plugs to see if it can tell me anything all ok except no4 was a bit darker than the rest on further inspection i noticed some hairline cracks on the white part so have replaced the plugs  will see how it goes . but if anyone has any other suggestions as to possible causes im listening    

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no 4 prob got a worn stem seal. apparently they can pop out under hard driving conditions. so a lot glue them in. sounds fuel to me . maybe check for blockage in sender. lines. test pump. 

so you cant understand why a worn stem seal would cause one of the plugs to be a different colour to the others. you must be thicker than i thought. heres a clue. BURNING OIL. 

ya still thick 

Hmm Id say ignition system. Check dizzy,leads,cap, if it has a dizzy, and defo replace the plugs. I dont no what engine is in your car so couldn't say anymore than that. 

If you can't get it sorted give me a shout and I'll have a look at it for you...

thanks for the offer jay im in lanarkshire . thinkin ign system myself just not sure whats at fault thats the second time its happened last time was when i took it for the mot an thought it was running out of fuel . it could be the coil breaking down under pressure it has been replaced but that dont mean it not broke i have the 1 that was on when i got the car going to change it tomorrow after wk then take it for a spin 

Start the car up an run it's when it's dark tonight
LOT easier to see in the dark if anything is arcking out or tracking

the plugs leads and coil and dizzy cap are new  i chucked the point away an fitted electronic ignition accuspark unit there is a bit blue smoke and suspected stem seal valve was the source of that issue would that make it run like a bag o bolts in the flick o a switch though ???  going to get new plugs in the morning it seems ok at the moment just makes you weary of going any distance till i know its ok 


The accuspark units don't time up in the same place as the standard points. 

Are you running a Bosch dizzy (red cap) or a Motorcraft one (black cap)? The Motorcraft ones sometimes develop shaft bearing issues. 

Rob's idea of running it in the dark to check for arcing and or broken insulation is sound.

I had similar issues with my Pinto, Ade reckoned plugs, I bought new NGK?? plugs from Ade, transformed the car. My plugs were brand new, the right grade etc. but they were just to cold and one kept fouling. Ade will know which ones worked :-)

heard lots of bad stuff about accuspark conversion. points all the way. 

Seems that accuspark are related to marmite then.

I fitted the full dizzy package, coil, plug leads etc but used my own plugs. Worked magic on the Legerra, better starting, smoother running and a higher rev range without all the messing about. I do carry a spare 'gadget' but only for emergencies after Steve had issues.

Saying that I still run a motorcraft dizzy on the Sierra but if that plays up it too will get replaced. 

Does sound like that #4 plug is a duff one if it has visible defects.

I think the plugs I got for Steve were NGK 1269 or BCPR6E listed for the SOHC injection and carb models but there are others listed. The 1269 works better with modern fuel than the older 2922 which was designed for leaded fuel.


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