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The overall width of the pedal box is 240mm with a height to the centre of the brake pedal of 230mm, brake and clutch have a 1:5 ratio  

I will put the full set of photos of the pedal box build on my rebuild post on Mr G's site as soon as I have fitted the master cylinder and painted it all.

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Hi Paul,
To build the pedal box is not that complicated. I would just build these in stainless steel!
They have first built in aluminum. But since you have the problem that distort the aluminum frame when braking.The pedals also best to mount the stainless steel pipes to fit together.
The brake cylinder mounted on each case directly to the brake pedal. In the first case I've grown the brake pedalfor lack of space on the side. This is too unstable.
see photo.

best wishes


Hi Tom,

I have made a floor mounted pedal box, a little better with the space available.




Hi Paul,

looks clean and strong. Good work! Again, my apologies!


Thanks Tom,

Just trying to keep up with the high standards that you guys are setting, I have tried to make the unit, so it can be taken out easily for servicing.  Many a happy hour spent in the workshop over the last few weeks :-)



Yes, to a type 9 box, having to do a bit of guess work as to the cable travel at the moment, as I am waiting for a clutch disc to turn up, to use with the Zetec 1800 flywheel and clutch cover.



hi i have a standerd 1800 cvh flywheel and clutch that i used to get measurements for my car i fit a standerd mondeo clutch ETC and looked at useing a cable u need to rase the pivet about 1 1/2 inch.I can get u the cvh measurements 4 u to compare. I have used hydrollic clutch i got a adapter from burton power and made a 1" spacer then fit the cylinder from my mondeo


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