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After three months of shake down at the end of last year on Q443BCH. I have a short list of modifications required. 

The wind deflector is still under construction, I have borrowed a sewing machine to stitch a hem around the micro screen material. Now if only I could perfect my seamstress abilities and get the dam thing to stitch in a straight line, i would be on a winner :-)))   I know! practice makes perfect ....... any one need any trousers taken up?  :-)))))))

Another problem was the fact that I am tone deaf in certain sound ranges, and cant hear when the indicators are on, several times on the last outing one of the others had to come past me to let me know i was still winking.  Well that's now sorted with a nice indicator buzzer installed....... no more excessive winking.

One of the things I didnt change during the refurb was the half shaft bearings on the English axle, they looked brand new and felt perfect. But at speed I became acutely aware that they they were rumbling, now it may be the fact that I am running all rose joints on the rear or the fact they are slightly worn, but the mental vision of those ball bearings whistling around at anything less than perfect makes me shudder,  so new bearings now installed.......... will probably feel just the same but I will have peace of mind.

Cant wait for that good weather to return 


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Paul, did you do the inners, outers or both? I have had the diff checked on XSC, all set up correctly according to Geartorque but not decided which half shafts to fit yet. Three sets available, all appear to have good bearings. Just now wondering about replacing a set anyway just to be on the safe side.

I haven't changed the diff bearings, they all looked and felt ok, also I may change the diff ratio yet. Still thinking about changing the flanges over to the small ones, but again at the moment I am quite happy with the ride height of the car even though it is a little higher than others.  I'm not one that follows suit, and see no point in slamming it to the ground, its never going to perform like a Caterham, Westfield or Tiger etc, so my line of thinking is why try to make it.  

They do go surprisingly well though....

The inner bearings on half's shafts are a pig to replace if you don't know how to rebuild a diff. .... outers are easy diy jobs.

My car runs the large flange and it's LOW....

It is a bit of effort to get it so....but I have 3.75 inch under the lowest point on the Unmodified sump....

Yes, but dont forget I am using the rear half of the original seating tub, which was also modified each side. The result was an unintentional closing up of the prop shaft tunnel, so the large flange just catches on the inside of the molding for the handbrake if I have the ride height set any lower. 

As I say its not a problem.  


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