Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Hi all,

Just a quick intro, I'm Mark and have owned my Dutton since around February this year. I've had a great time over the summer with the car and will look forward to asking you all advice on how I can improve and maintain the car in the future.

I just wondered if anyone had any information on the history of 'Dolly'? I bought her with very little history but would be fascinated to know more about her. I've attached a picture. Thanks!

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yup its glens old car mark 

as far as i know its a sound car. he had the gearbox reconed and fitted a new clutch .apart from that i think it was all good . did you but it off glen radclif from leeds 

Thanks Brian. Yes I bought it from Glenn in Wakefield. I've stayed in touch with him. He did recon the box yes, it drives great. I believe the car changed hands twice in quick succession towards the end of last year, however I was told the previous owner to the last two had the car for many many years prior to this. I believe he was from Bradford area.

 glen brought it back from way down south someware may have been portsmouth ...the guy in portsmouth could not drive it because of a bad back. and sold it to glen. the guy who owned it before may have had it for years ...lol

Adrian Southgate may know more about it Mark, but be patient as he is up to his eyebrows getting a new business venture off the ground, so hasnt got a lot of spare time at the moment.

Hi Mark

All the info you have been given so far is correct to the best of my knowledge.

You can obtain detailed history from the DVLA for about £5 which includes (or used to) copies of the old V5 / logbook's, You need to fill in form V888 (LINK

I do have some info on the club records but doing the V888 will be quicker and much more detailed / accurate.


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