Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

some pics of the rebuild process,

the top trailing arm bracket is broke......

the diff is sloping back a little (looking up) so that will need sorting.......

As you can see there isn't a lot of bracing in an S1 chassis, that will be sorted.

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It started at 1.5degrees negative . ...

But my front springs are very stiff (250lb/in)....... rather than change them straight away I am gong to see how the car goes. besides my sump is a little low at about 3.75 inch from the road.

I need to modify my sump pan.....sometime.

need an Ark down here today, never seen rain like it in recent years. If it turns to snow, chaos !

Will this do?

Well it passed it's MOT today......

Unfortunately another customer hit my car pulling out of her parking bay.....

No serious damage just a bit of paint and a bent bonnet hinge bracket.... all repairable . 

Well done with getting it through the MOT after such a rebuild and without the opportunity for a proper shake down. I'm very impressed! But what rotten luck in the car park. There is no excuse for not seeing such a bright car - even an ambulance driver should be able to see it.

well done

so, much paperwork to do? The muppets at DVLA do like their paper :-))



Age cert.

Bank details.

Pictures of car.


it is er......nimble....

it is also quite taught feeling, a blast out into the country side will show up any quirks.....

there is also a pronounced Knock when going over manhole covers from the O/S......some investigation needed.

It is also quite loud when pressed.....and very poppy and banging on over run. The ECU still needs to work out all of its parameters. (its self learning apparently)

once my car is fully legal i will enlighten you all to some of the paperwork hassles i have had.....it has been a surprising and frustrating journey so far. hopefully on the road within a couple of weeks....How many times have i said that?

on reflection the knocking on my rear suspension is probably due to the rear shockers being on rose joints top and bottom and not rubber bushed.....so i am on the look out for a pair....


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