Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Any one else having a problem viewing pictures? they just appearing as an icon with thumb nail written underneath. 

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I agree, never use it.

Seems to have been rectified now, got everything back again.

I just looked at the all photos page. The only ones that I can see are mine. That's weird.

Real boring show for all to visit ( yawn) this weekendhttp://www.autosportinternational.com/

I'm normal again... I tried the windows laptop and pc and the android tablet. all defective. I have full access to the whole site again.

Adrian, Have you looked at the all photos page?

Yes James, as soon as I read your post. 

Been reading Retro Rides 'stolen' forum and it's horrible. I know Cortina's are lumbering old beasts but I would still have one as a daily...

well I still got problems, need a social worker or somethink :-)

Must be this windows 10, I told um I've only got 9 Windows in the house, so how does it get in?? Think about it, big brother is watching :-))

Maybe a new update to Windows 10 screwed thing up again. No surprise there.

I just checked for windows 10 updates. There was a big update. I just ran it and now I can see all the photos on the all photos page. Apparently this website was updated but my computer was not. So far it appears to be working now.


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