Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Any one else having a problem viewing pictures? they just appearing as an icon with thumb nail written underneath. 

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Are there still problems??  I see no new posts.  Currently bored sat in a hotel room on a course so had a look for some Dutton inspiration, but see no updates.

I'm at work so keeping quiet hoping for more luvverly customers :(

Ade how is the shop doing?

Have we just lost a few days worth of posts or is my computer just being a knob?

Great, they are back now I posted that... what is wrong with the code behind this site?

Seems to come and go like the tide, in then out.

yep I've got nothing more recent than last wednesday, I don't come very often these days so i first thought the site had been abandoned

tumble weed blowing across the screen Big V. :-)

Hello Hello is anyone there?   looks like this site is FUBAR (Fu**ed Up Beyond All Recognition) cant see anything since my last post on Jan 16, and sometimes that disappears! 

Well, if this message gets through and someone can see it, let me know on the FB forum, cos there ain't a lot of point in posting at the moment. 

Mine seems OK now

@Daryl I guess since this site seems to have gone to sleep just like the other Dutton sites I guess everyone has moved over the Face ache - shame, I know I haven't been on here much recently but to see it nose dive like this is a bit sad.

As far as I know we are still exceeding our 'free' capacity on storage. No idea what to do about that other than stop posting photo's direct and use links, maybe go into old albums and delete old photo's. I don't actually know if it's even an issue. I still prefer this forum to faceache as I don't have to put up with inane drivel about what people had for tea, what they think about Donald bloody Trump and what the cat did today...

I've just been quiet because I'm busy working. Nowt interesting to relate, no events to advertise, no freebies to give away, nothing to moan about....


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