Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Any one else having a problem viewing pictures? they just appearing as an icon with thumb nail written underneath. 

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I've been on about 30 minutes, no 500 errors, no time travel and it seems to be loading at a speed equal to or better than the proboards sites I am logged into. Certainly seems to have improved since last night.

I started remote hosting photo's ages ago, use flickr etc but it does have a drawback in that you need a level of HTML knowledge (very low) to create the right links.

If anyone wishes to have the process explained i'd be happy to try and help.i'm no expert but I can explain how to create the links to an external source.

It is strange, when I change back to the Ning screen, I am back at the 18th Jan again, if I leave it open, after a time it kicks up that there are 30+ messages, and I am back in the present again.

are you linking to this site or searching and logging in?

If I remain logged in then the next time I visit I'm on the 18th Jan but if I go to the main page first and then log in it seems fine.

I stay logged in all the time BV. As DaveT said ....... its groundhog day :-)))

That's true. Better performance here, too.

Yet, it depends on too many factors to say for sure, that it might not worsen again. Most likely it's just, that the other sites on the same server need less space or computing power or what else in the last day.

Sunny side: There will always be something to complain about :)

Well Ive got plenty to grumble about!   been looking for a newer van for the last few months, got several quotes for PX on my one, just about to make my mind up between the Transit and the Mercedes Citan ........ what happens! parked outside my workshop in the same place it is every bloody day and BANG  a 'person' reverses out of the car park opposite, hasnt bothered to clear the frost from the rear or side windows and buries the rear quarter in the side of my van.....

Did they stop, leave a note or do one....?

They didnt even know they had done it, but I copped hold of the partner, who said oh they were late for school this morning and were rushing. Cant actually see it in this picture but there is quite a lot of red paint on the scuffs, not to mention red faces when they got back from the school run. 

Unfortunately  it has done the bottom sill and the door post!! so will probably be a write off, they dont want to go through insurance either ...... so I have said that they can make me a good offer on the van! 

That's a pain. Have to be honest, one of my biggest worries about parking anywhere is people who just don't look. Leggy got reversed into outside the local spar, with me sat in it ! dozy cow didn't see me in her mirrors... I got off lightly compared to you though. That doesn't look like a 5mph impact to me...


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I have saved all 103 pages of mine to my hard drive with a view to transferring it to Mr gs forum....

G's has become a repository - its not really viewed by anyone other than those who have been re-directed from here. However since no one seems to know the mysterious Mr G seemingly not even your mate Andy Smith one wonders what would happen to those blogs if G decides not to continue funding the site.

One might have hoped putting these blogs on the club site would be a good idea but it seems the club doesn't currently have a webmaster or he/she is awol.


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