Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Any one else having a problem viewing pictures? they just appearing as an icon with thumb nail written underneath. 

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or 2 others littering the drive ! Wife is not amused :-((

I was going to say 'do keep up at the back Mr King' however you seem to have deleted your post. 

Main page of the site doesn't reflect any changes made after the original post has been logged. I've noticed this when editing comments I've made too.

Just checking in, it's Friday lunchtime, Sat outside in the sun having a sandwich. Sierra is fixed, I think, poor starter though.

Good to know you're still with us Steve...Been fixing stuff then.

Still got niggles with this pinto starting, wondering now about how good all the terminals are. Runs fine now, but, every time I stop it struggles to turn over. Thought too much advanced, thought duff battery. Put battery on James V6 and it spins it easily, so back to eliminating the cause.

Sounds to me like the starter is knackered.

i had same problem when i was getting the sierra to run. it was because alt wasnt connected. would turn over really slow then just catch and go. connected alt and it turned fast. (new alt) 

just moved the big battery to the front of the car, couple of short leads, problems gone ! must be some voltage drop in those welding leads :-))

Morning all, just checking in, been up since 6, took the wife to work and been sharpening drill bits. Done about 30 and got "bored" :-))

Well done, after all blunt drills are pointless.

very good james. bit pointless but good


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