Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Any one else having a problem viewing pictures? they just appearing as an icon with thumb nail written underneath. 

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It makes a change from the daily grind.

good one James!

So anyone NOT having problems logging in?

I havn't had any...... was wondering where everyone else had gone though!

I couldn't get on at lunchtime. Tried several times, but just got the error

I've had loads of agro, posting, thought it was just me, what with the Sierra etc. :-))

What do you mean "logging in", surely you stay connected all the time, innit!

There's something in the air, dodgy internet and a dodgy Dutton (plus it's owner) on evil bay. Killer clowns are out and about tonight, the world's gone mad, we're all doomed.

There have been issues connecting to, logging into and posting on the site. 

I got the 500 error when attempting to post my comment from work but all seems fine now. I wonder if we are pushing our server limits again as that seems to have been the reason last time.

When I click post comment it just sits there but if I return tothe main page more often than not my comment has been posted.

yep that's wot 'appening 'ere 2 :-))

Yes, I have seen the same. It was probably some old fool posting pictures of Legerra interiors that caused it.

Or to many Dutton cafe buns, original wreckers !


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