Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Seems people have been unable to contact anyone about their bookings. It has been removed from the list of events in the Stoneleigh guide.

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i am looking forward to going.

hope its still on.

not working for me either..


there is some comment on the locost site about this......plus explanation.....

Website maintenance.......

I just read that as well :-)

And then I went back to Jan 18th :(

Cant find the article now but I'm sure I read somewhere last autumn that if they didn't find a sponsor it would likely not be happening, the current organisers said they couldn't continue hosting the show with the losses it made.

Hope I was wrong or misread it :(

PS I'm sure it was on the MEV website - there was a discussion started by stiggy mills around the idea of hosting a kit car show where people actually paid to get in, in return for a decent show, needless to say few were interested.

If you follow this link now http://www.locostbuilders.co.uk/forum/16/viewthread.php?tid=207744

It appears that the show is on but that their website was under maintenance 

Stoneleigh website is back up and has finally been updated a bit, was looking very tired before.

Hey people.
Is there a dutton club meet or anything at Stoneleigh?

Yes Liam.

We have a fair sized pitch at the back of the site. I'll post a site map when I get a chance to scan it in.

It's been underpopulated in the last few years but this year I'm hoping for a bigger turnout.

Club AGM should be on the sunday but no official declaration has been forthcoming as of yet. I hope the weather is fine as we don't have the big marquee this year. Smaller club tent, bring your own fishing chair :)

Thanks for the info Adrian! Do I need to book a space or anything? Better hurry up and get the beasty back on the road as well, who'd have thought both exhausts would have split in half....

No booking required, more info to follow. Club will have a designated contact number published on here for the event, bring a chair, tea cup and if staying over something to cook on the barby (if we still have one?)

It has always been free for kit car drivers but passengers have to pay. Camping is extra.


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