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Cracking good day, bright and cold. Took the Sierra out across the moors, had a good walk and a picnic, just got back. Sierra went better then I did. Think I'm carrying some ballast, need to get back into the swing of things :-))

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It was wet and gloomy here but I managed to finish off the lighting in my new garage today and suddenly it was like a sunny day! I spent the evening in the new garage hiding from visitors - they are going home tomorrow, so I will have nearly a whole day without visitors. Some holiday!

@ Ade, just heard, maybe in Darwen next week, depending on son and trailer, might pop in for tiffen :-)

Warn me so I can hoover and dust :) 

Anytime you like Steve. Room at work for a long vehicle, room round the yard if it's after hours.

Think I heard the bell toll    :-))

Think the house is floating ! Torrents of the stuff. The plus side is the Sierra gets on opposite lock and wheelspins far more readily, these Toyos are useless in the wet but fun :-))) 

AGGGGGHHHHHHHHH ............. Why oh why does a bit of snow bring out the fecking NUMPTY in the majority of road users. Grrrrrrrrrr,  bloody tossers in expensive 4 x 4's or Nissan Micra's driving at 5mph. Just get out of my way.

Mr Grumpy :-((( 

lol, It's down in the 60's and 70's here in Florida. I had to put the roof and the doors on my old girl to drive her.

Not even enough to be called proper snow...

Daryl said he was leaving early for Stoneleigh....... something about getting there in time for the AGM.

lovely clear cold day, wall to wall sun. So that's winter over then :-)

Bloody cold in the cave today, had to keep moving. Think I should have joined the rest of the Dutton Ning lot and Hibernated for the winter :-))

You've got a working heater though, Graham.


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