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Cracking good day, bright and cold. Took the Sierra out across the moors, had a good walk and a picnic, just got back. Sierra went better then I did. Think I'm carrying some ballast, need to get back into the swing of things :-))

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I got under the car to top up the differential, but that only took a few minutes. The sun doesn't get to that part of the garden, so I went out somewhere sunny instead and left the cars to sulk in the frost.

Bloody cold, had to leave my nice warm workshop behind and spend most of the day rewiring the security lights in my sons house.  Consolation tonight was card night with brother and sister in law and quaffing a few beers, 1 large bottle of White Port and finishing off with a few drams of Famous Grouse.    hmmmmmm time for bed said Zebedee!!!!!     

Well, that's winter over with, its raining and blowing hard down here so must be spring. Sierra is now a swimming pool :-)

Mine too, on the bright side ... it's an indoor pool 

CMV is down the drive under the car port. The wind has removed the cover and neatly tucked it under the front of the Sierra in front  

Not only is it now wet inside it is also very dirty, not sure I want to refit it in that state..Not impressed at all.


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