Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Evening all I don't suppose anyone of you have a spare thermostat housing for a 1300 crossflow laying around have you? Also anyone got a picture or a link to the correct thermostat for the engine???

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Most 'old school' thermostats are of a very similar design but the specific one listed for a mk2 escort 1300 is

Gates part number TH12888G1

First Line part number FTK003 (kit with gaskets)

Both should be well under £10. Standard opening temperature is 88° but in a Dutton i'd go for 82°.

Housings are a little more awkward to find as they corrode inside the sealing edge. There may be a chance that a later Fiesta one would fit as long as it had the kent engine. Not sure that the outlet faces the right way but some of them contain a hole for the fan switch.

Ok thanks adrian, just got to find a thermo that opens at 82 instead of 88

i think i have a couple about...i will have a look.

Thanks dave

I have a few, I'll sort one out.

It's ok adrian I've already been sorted out. But the thought the was there thanks mate


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