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I've got a full set of five Weller wheels in white with 4x nearly new Firestone 185/70/14 Tyre the spare Tyre is scrap but the wheel is good. No rot or rust on the wheels just not going to be used. If your interested drop me a message they will be very cheap around £80 will buy them. 

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Hi Jay, these could be just the job for my drophead as 2 of the wheels I have with it are scrap and in any case they are 13”, which look a little small. Unfortunately you are miles away from me. Any chance of using a courier? I could sort that out from my end if needed.

Absolutely mate. If you look online there is a company called Paisley freight they specialize in wheel transportation. And they are cheap.

I've never seen a drophead. You'll need to get some picks up mate. I'm about half way through the restoration of my Sierra. 

Tim's idea for the original drophead didn't go quite as planned...

1989-prototype amphicar

There are some others on file, a little dryer...


That’s the very one currently sitting in my garage, the bottom photo obviously!

Mark Young's little beastie.

I like the idea of the drophead but I sort of went with sports soft top rather than utility. 

I've just been round to my unit and had a sort through some stuff and have the following items 'spare' if you need them.

Sierra S1 bonnets X2 in red and black.

Sierra S1/2 back doors X2 in dark brown and red, one still has a wiper motor which I may steal however I haven't needed one yet so it'll probably still be there.

Sierra S1 front grill panels X2 need work.

Sierra front bumper from an S2/3, This looks to have been joined to a grill but isn't any more - also needs work.

I collected these from Mark as he no longer needed them and they are free to a good home if it helps someone out.

How much to ship a bumper to me Ade. I'll pay for it no probs as I need one to finish my front end off. Let me know and I'll sort it with you. 

Excellent its somthing a bit different. It's a good colour looks like the old for Mondeo st colour. I like the front end without the bars but mines very low to the ground now:). I can't wait for stoneleigh to show her off. 

Found another one.


or two...


Sadly this one is no more, although the chassis and reg live on they are now under a Jago hot rod :(

The green one looks like a cut down estate with the full length doors. I do like the look of them though :)

Now you mention it, I think it is a chop topped estate, never noticed that before.

I have another, this one is pretending to be a saloon car.


If I remember correctly they did estate, pickup, drophead and chassis cab options.

Is that a Mini door on that 'saloon'? That looks to be based on the open top. Interesting and 'special'.

There was a picture of a camper van - presumably it started out as a chassis cab.


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