Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Since selling the dutton phaeton and taking on a mark2 escort, I still miss the old girl.

I have been saving hard for pinto bike carbs , mega jolt ignition, Minilite wheels which I going to purchase in few weeks time. However if a dutton came along even with a tiny mot then I would probably buy it as I have a bit unfinished business with the fibreglass wonder.

Anyone know of anything coming up soon , no offence but no Melos (I don't think I will get in).

Thanks in advance


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Welcome back Neil, hooked:-))

Welcome back Neil.

So many 'funnies' crossed my mind but the simple fact is they are SO difficult to part with forever. 

Good luck with your quest and if I hear of anything with a ticket I will let you know.

ye their is allways loads of phaetons as know one wants to keep them.....:-)

true though. allways plenty for sale. melos not so many. and dutton  produced about the same amount of each.....

Hi Glenn, for me it's the cossie powered Dad, in black with those stupid great wheels. Looks stretched.

Melos owners only ever see the back of a Phaeton, as it pulls away and showers them in c##p :-))

and what a ugly back end that is....:-))))

egg box. tin foil sides. ugly nose. flat backend......:-)))

that something is you own it....but you wish you had a melos.......:-)

I think that any Dutton forum should attempt to be positive about ALL Duttons. The constant picking on Meloses is childish at best and borders on bullying. All Duttons have styling issues from one angle or another and people should just own what they fancy and avoid criticising others for having different tastes.

well said james. im going to be more positive about the phaeton. you know what they say about bullys. its because they are jelous of something you have. who hates click`s...?  

and isnt that what every bully says......"i was only kidding"......lol

im only kidding guys.

Glenn can have his preferences, we all do, that isn't the problem.

These days there is hardly any comment made by a Melos owner that isn't turned into an opportunity to restate their second class status. If you don't understand the effect then just look at how many Melos owners regularly contribute on here - just 2: Martin and Brian. Where are all the rest? Good harmless fun? Not when it goes on incessantly.


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