Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Since selling the dutton phaeton and taking on a mark2 escort, I still miss the old girl.

I have been saving hard for pinto bike carbs , mega jolt ignition, Minilite wheels which I going to purchase in few weeks time. However if a dutton came along even with a tiny mot then I would probably buy it as I have a bit unfinished business with the fibreglass wonder.

Anyone know of anything coming up soon , no offence but no Melos (I don't think I will get in).

Thanks in advance


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so true. iv noticed the lack of melos owners on here.....stange.  is it becoming a pheaton click....?

going to check out the doc site.....just to see if it happens on their.....curious

Brian, you'll be lucky to see anything happen on the DOC site to be honest. 

There are about three or four of us who keep an eye out and help people with answers where we can as it's often the first point of contact for new owners. Others who don't do 'internetz' very often also use it.

It is constantly monitored to make sure we don't miss those people who do use it though.

I take stick for being a southerner living up north... it's all good fun, north/south divide, melos/phaeton... both with the same chassis so it's pure asthetics... beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 99.9% of it is done with no malice, it's what makes this site the cool place to hang (did I REALLY type that)

thats a shame ade. still at least we get the mag 4x a year

It serves a purpose so it's fine, if it got more complex then some people would have problems using it.

Glen, I think you think I'm having a go at you, I'm not. You were teased over your top but it was a one-off, not a continual theme. It is not even saying something that might offend that is my gripe. It is the constantly running down Meloses on here that is wrong.

For example, you posted pictures of your car after you had polished it and everyone was supportive, nobody said anything negative and you felt good about it and your car. Nobody suggested that you had wasted your time because it was the wrong kind of Dutton. Imagine if every time you did anything or posted anything you were reminded that you had wasted your money and effort because you bought the wrong type of Dutton. Eventually, you'd stop coming here.

People come on here for advice, support and a feeling of belonging, not to be picked on. That is what I'm saying.

in the summer i went to a car show in my melos. straight away a guy came up to me a dutton owner. very nice man, we chatted for a bit. i told him i go on the dutton owners and their cars sight. he shrugged his shoulders and o i dont go on  their  too much bitching . so yes i can see your point james. i like banter. but i think it would put off some ppl. its good air our opinions though..

Yes, it is good to air opinions. It is good to be part of a diverse community all who share a common interest. North, South, East, West, Sierras, Meloses, Phaetons, Legerras, B+'s - all one community, all valued, all different, all equal.

god sake shut up daryl. lol

Bullying?? I'm shocked anyone could even consider that as bullying, or maybe I came up old school, when having your haircut with hammer and chisel was harmless banter. Finding your locker welded shut day after day just fun, being hosed down because you were considered unclean after all day in a nuke sub. Standing in concrete boots all day in pouring rain because you back answered a fellow senior Smith. Bullying?? Nah, harmless fun, character building. To much political correctness now, that's why we have bred a nation of whoffters.

That's my opinion, anyway, hope I haven't upset anybody ( dare I say the M word)

lol your a braver man than me glen.....lol id love to see a pic lmfao

omg ill look forward to that...lmfao. your not scared of ridicule then glenn. have you got a sheepskin coat yet..?


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