Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Since selling the dutton phaeton and taking on a mark2 escort, I still miss the old girl.

I have been saving hard for pinto bike carbs , mega jolt ignition, Minilite wheels which I going to purchase in few weeks time. However if a dutton came along even with a tiny mot then I would probably buy it as I have a bit unfinished business with the fibreglass wonder.

Anyone know of anything coming up soon , no offence but no Melos (I don't think I will get in).

Thanks in advance


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Ade, you and me, plump??? Bleeding racing snakes mate.

Equation is, smiles per mile equals ?? 

I'd be scared to scratch it.

You can't beat a Dutton to provide both smiles / £ and also frustration per mile...Doesn't matter what shape it is.

That's half my house !!!


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