Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

After 6 years of being in storage it's time to get the dutton back on the road.
I've spent alot of time thinking about what I would like to do with it and one of the main changes is the rear lights.
The rear corners are now reshaped, fiberglassed and reshaped.
I think it looks much cleaner (sorry to people who think I'm spoiling it) but it's a kit car, and we all get to put our spin on things
Next stage is an appointment in the spray booth for its fresh new coat of paint.

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Nothing wrong with a bit of individual design. So do you have a set of lights in mind? Interesting steering wheel, by the way.

(yes, I'm jealous of all your space!)

I looked long and hard for lights and I come across some 95mm round led units on Fleabay. They're all clear and combine the 3 functions in one light (running lights, brake light and indicator)
They should help with my goal to clean up the rear end but they haven't arrived yet. I'll put some pics up when they do.

No matter how much space you have its always full. I had the dutton in the corner for years, covered over. It's only when I cleared out the garage I remembered why I loved the car.
After a busy day finishing off the prep on Saturday, we finally got it into the booth for its fresh coat of lotus mustard yellow, it's a much deeper yellow than before and I love it.
Collected the car last night and it looks fantastic. I'm happy with the way it's turned out, and I'm happy with my smoothed out rear end.
I'll add some pictures of the lights as soon as they arrive
Got home from work today and my new lights are here.
Now I have a choice to make.
Do I mount two lights on each side, one under the other.
It do I have the main running lights on the outside, then have the fog and reverse light in the recess each side of the registration plate.
All the lights are clear and only become coloured when lit up.

All opinions would be great before I set about making holes in my new bodywork

Vertical for me, uses the space up good. Great colour too.

Just a quickie Jamie (and I don't need an answer really) - please check those are E marked and it doesn't say 'off road use only' on the package before fitting. 

I had a lengthy discussion with our Ring Automotive rep about lamp legality the other week. Older cars do not require E marked clusters but i'm not sure of the cutoff date. Most LED replacement bulbs are marked as not for road use or off road use only, same with clusters. May also be worth checking the light output on a decent battery in sunlight. Last thing you need is some knob running into the back of you 'I couldnt see yer brake lights mate'  As Daryl said, you also need a reflective element. If your happy with them then go vertical 

The one thing I was carefull of was looking for e marked units. I didn't go for cheap Chinese ones, they are made by Ring, who have a pretty good reputation.
I will go down the garage shortly and lower them up. Hopefully they will be perfect but I'll post an update shortly
Here are the lights and packaging, they're definately E marked

Cool.... I have a set of the rectangular ones for the Sierra, also Ring and also E marked. 

I think they have the same 'bulbs' as yours.

Lets face it, loads of people including myself have been using LED 501's as side lights for years with no bother. I think headlights are still an issue though.

I put the led headlight bulbs in my landrover. I must say I was absolutely amazed at how useless they were.
I will need reflectors but I'm planning on putting a small strip neatly tucked on the bottom edge of the rear wings
I rarely drive at night and let's face it. If they can't hear the dutton they certainly have no excuse for not seeing a bright yellow car
Connected the lights upto the battery and they are pretty bright.
I'll try them in sunlight tomorrow but all things are pointing towards using them at the moment

Hope you don't mind Jamie but i'm taking this opportunity to plug the fact we can get anything in the ring catalogue at a very good price... So if you decide to make another purchase keep me in mind. 


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