Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

For when parked outside for a while.

We had an off the shelf cover from Halfords that was ok for a bit but then degraded

So wondered about something better and much more tailored.

I just found this


Would be just what we need - if it really is at all tailored 

Too good to be true?

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I got a half decent one from a company called 'fastcar' lol... not tailored though. I'll have a look into the company today when I get to the shop.

I've had 2 off the evil bay, each lasted 1 winter, cheap (less then £20 each) but not that good. James Doulton has one for his Phaeton which is the best quality one I have ever seen, over to you James :-)

Just noticed this bit from the website entry:

"This car cover has been cleverly designed to fit all Dutton Pheaton Series 3 models. It is not a universal cover as offered elsewhere, it's custom fit!"

Pity about the spellign mistake but that's still quite a claim - which would be hard to defend if it really is a generic as my cynicism was telling me.

£122 is quite alot I suppose but if it really is that good then it could actually be good value

My niece paid about that for a "custom" MX5 one about 2 years back, has a sort of felt backing to prevent scratching etc. Her car is never garaged and she spends months away at sea. Car always seems in top notch when she visits.

Mine was a Moltex. They come in a variety of sizes, I bought the right one for an MX-5 because I wanted it for my Legerra. I bought it from a stand at an event at Castle Combe. It cost £160, I think. It is really tough, water proof and is supposed to allow the car to breathe. I bought it because I was fed up with cheap ones that rip the first time that you put them on the car and disintegrate in the first storm. I am very pleased with it.

Well I've just ordered one.

I spoke to them first and he recommended the so called voyager one


Voyager is about half the price of the Monsoon, but only 'shower proof' - not sure what that exactly means - we'll see. He reckoned it would be just right if being left outside this time of year just for a few weeks - which is exactly what I am thinking of. He made comments about the UV stability on the fully waterproof Monsoon too - in spite of the website saying it was proof against that! Then again that seems to have been the main problem with the Halfords one so maybe its a generic problem with that type of cover.

I was dubious as to whether it really was tailored to the Phaeton but they he said they have built up a database of many odd things over the years. Someone must have had one made before

He said that they do specially tailored custom covers to spec, and have a guy who can come and do patterning for additional cost, or that I could bring a car round which would then be for free. They are based in Sussex which is fairly handy.

So that'll be the Stylus covered too then if it works out well.

I'll let you all know!


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