Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

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It is a wise decision, Paul. Some people get addicted to the small dopamine kick that they get every time that they like something or add a comment. It is much easier to get a quick buzz that way than to actually do something that gives you a sense of achievement. (says he who is online when he should be out in his garage doing something!)

Can find 3 Dutton clubs on face ache but how do you join then ?
Was a member of the German old timer group last year but seem to of been deleted from it,an cant remember how I joined in the first place !

whats your facebook user id Rob?

Rob lotus
Only use it cos all the guys/companies and agencies that operate in composites use "the laminators network" on face ache for everything !

having issues with this tablet trying to find you, see if you can find me or brian


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