Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Now then people I've just been in a shop up by me called the range, I don't now if you have one near you but the car stuff is great. I bought a six blade fuse box with clear lid brand new £5 amalgamating tape 7m £4 loads of cheap parts, just thought the bargain hunters out there would be interested,

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The guy owns the Range, Chris Dawson, used to ride bikes with us in the late 60's. Remember him saying he was opening a market stall, oh how we all laughed :-) feel a bit sick about it now !

Cant see you on a push bike Mr K , you need a big boys toy with 150 bhp at the back wheel

less than £15 the lot an absolute bargain.

Cheaper than that Herbert in Bolton then

And stuff this Herbert doesn't do too :)

Might be worth me having a look at those prices.

They do loads of stuff for our kind lol. 

it was our motor bike days Daryl, greasers and rockers and Triumph twins. oil leaks and bust clutches, stupid things :-)

talking about cheap, just jumped in the B+ and the brakes have gone. Pedal to the floor, looked and no fluid in the reservoir, now where has that gone? cannot see a leak around the wheels, and the carpet appears dry. I did fit an Ebay master cylinder last spring. Time to crawl into the confines of the footwell :-(

e-bay sometimes good. sometimes bad. :-(

Where's it gone then Steve  


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