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right before i buy this car it has a essex v6 lump in it and will have to do clutch how easy is it to do better taking gearbox out or engine out

#not clued up on the essex v6 as only done crossflow in duttons any help would be a adviantage

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My father had a 3.0 Capri that was in storage for years. If ever that sieized, we would either put the car in gear with clutch pedal depressed and tow the car behind another until it released. Or just start it up press the clutch and force it into gear. The other very dodgy one I have heard, but not tried is - lift the rear on a trolley jack put the car n gear, start it up, depress the clutch pedal and get an assistant to quickly drop the jack. Sounds dodgy to me.

Rather than dropping the rear of the car, which sounds dodgy unless you have lots of space, you might be able to achieve a similar effect by using the brakes. With the rear wheels jacked up and the car in gear, you could rev the engine then stamp on the brakes (with your foot on the clutch the whole time).

There doesn't seem to much enthusiasm for disassembling, we're obviously just a bunch of brutes!

As far as I know the tech behind the Essex engine is pretty much the same as a crossflow. Similar age, similar structure pushrods, overhead valves and internal cam etc. You might need a bigger lump hammer though.

As to the clutch - if its got to come out then make sure you have a good hoist and go for engine out as the clutch will come with it. If its just 'stuck' then get it thoroughly warmed up, chain it down to something solid (like another car) and then try to start it in gear with your foot on the clutch.

thanks all will try it

clutch relisse attempt 1 trying to start it in 4 gear did not work even with a new battery just starter click so next will be to get some petrol and warm the engine up to heat everything up then try it again

My s3 v6 had been standing 15 years
Got car starting easily in neutral
Got a long driveway,started car,crunched gearbox into 1st an "launched" ! Clutch freed off after a second or two


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