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I was wandering what its like driving a leggera compaired to my S3 phaeton, do they handle well as the chassis is different,

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Depends how its set up suspension wise Paul but I have 2 Legerra's  one of which goes round bends as though it on rails , just throw it into any bend and it just sticks ,the other however is nowhere near as good ,I think it just needs tweaking a bit or a lot  

I thought the Leggera chassis was basically the same as a Phaeton S3 with a factory fitted 5 link rear and the top rail cut down to allow for the doors.   I would imagine with the top rail removed, there would be a bit of flex in the chassis

There is sag ,both Leggies door's rub the sill hence both will be getting strengthening rails underneath the main rails

I did Nicks, took a day doing both sides with tea breaks, it makes a big difference.

I Have been and looked at the red leggera with the £1000 stack dash, Its not quite as nice as it looks in the picture but has the makings . it does need the chassis strengthening as its not been done , the screen is in good condition.  Its 1600 with the 711m block. I made an offer without the dash which he accepted, just got to hire trailer

Good for you Paul. If you get it close to your real Dutton standard it should be great. :-))

Nice one Paul

Done right the legerra is a nice car........However if you cable tie the chassis strengthening rails on and fit shockers that ride on their bump stops.....well not so good.

Never thought of cable ties, that must be the deluxe version :-)

well today I had to withdraw my offer, the wife said no more until I sell the boat, I am gutted but she probably right I do have a lot of other things to finish first. Lets hope the boat sells quickly


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