Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

anyone out there got anything spare ?

looking for :

Oil Sump

Transmission Sandwich Plate 

Clutch Fork

Propshaft ( if triumph rear joint be even happier lol) 

Starter Motor


any condition ( not scared of rebuilding anything)


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I've always replaced my propshafts with new, I live near north west propshafts so no shipping involved. 

This means I have some spares dependant on what gearbox and diff flange you are using and, obviously, how long it needs to be.

I also own a motor factors so getting recon's done is relatively cheap. I have crossflow alternators on the shelf and can probably rustle up a starter motor IF its the pre-engaged type, the old bendix jobbies are uncommon up here.

The all important question is ... where are you?

South west. Cheltenham. Glos. 

handy to know though. Used to run a motor factors up here :) hard work too. 

Rather have a pre engaged. I’ll check flywheel but would change ring gear anyway if needed. Downside is no old units to exchange at moment. 

Planning on a 4sp (type2) xflow box but I’ll drag the diff off the shelf and measure up. Always taken bits in before for prop build never thought to ask if they could build to spec 


I have old core on pre-engaged starters and alternators (Lucas type) that I can 'chip in' as they are just so much scrap metal until reconditioned.

Prop building does depend on them having new parts to build with and some are becoming rather rare on the second hand market let alone new items.

Which diff came with the car... triumph?

I have a sandwich plate hanging here in the way. I was tempted to throw it, but if you need it, its yours for postage.

ooh cool cheers Steve. 

Ill have it. Let me know what you need for it all. I’ll send PayPal ? Bacs whatever is easiest for ya. 

Cheers dude :)

Triumph diff yer. Good old swing spring. 

Ill measure up the diff flange and soon as mounts are in measure up n chase a prop build. 

Motors gonna be built this weekend and still have the chassis work to do yet so no panic. Just thinking ahead 

I checked last night and definitely have a pre engaged starter and alternator to fit but they need to be re-con. I am happy to get them done and supply at cost + shipping.

I may even be able to deliver as need to visit Roger at some point and he's down that way.


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