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As we know there can be many many electrical connections to the dashboard that makes removal and replacement a pain.

Putting it all on a plug and socket would help but it tends to be difficult to find a suitable plug with enough connections at a sensible price

So how about this idea from your local Maplin: an ATX power connection extender for a PC motherboard:

The beauty is it has 24 connections and comes ready terminated with opposite sex connectors at each end

So cut it in half you have a ready plug and socket - and all for £3.99!

OK so there going to be quite a bit of soldering (I highly recommend heat shrink sleeving and use of a hot air gun for such things btw)  but pretty neat I reckon. Even the wires themselves are nice and substantial

Just solder on to your trailing leads from such things as warning lights and rev counters etc on the car side and on the back of the dash on the other side and you can plug and play!

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Well the DType plug idea is also interesting as those quite commonly go up to 37 ways. Probably more of a fiddle to terminate though

I'm quite happy doing small stuff, having a nice pointy soldering iron helps. Wouldnt use them for bulkhead mounted stuff as too likely to get moisture inside but the back of an instrument cluster seemed sound. I have the capri 6 clock dash in both the green Legerra and the Sierra, neither came with the multiplug so had to improvise. 


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