Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

So the cars only been on the road for a few years now and i'm not particularly happy with the paint/body. When we originally started the re-build, the body was in a very bad state, absolutely covered in cracks required a huge amount of time getting it into a reasonable state. After this, the paint was then done with many spray cans, hoping to get a reasonable and inexpensive paint job. So considering this was the first major body work I've ever done its not too bad.

Never the less a lot of cracks have re-appeared, a section on the bonnet has bubbled up due to lack of heat reflective material against the exhaust manifold and there are lots of thin patches.

I plan to have a second attempt over the summer using a proper spray gun, hopefully getting it to a more professional standard so any advise on equipment and techniques will be very useful.

Cheers, Matt.

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This caught my eye


Domed Stickers are nice because the have rounded edges (good when polishing) and better than plain vinyl I think

I like those, Steve, they look really good. I tried their instant quote and a 150x20mm sticker works out at about £1 a piece. A big "DUTTON" for the back of the Legerra would presumably be more like 3x the price, I'd guess.

I think we could also use some round "DUTTON" badges for steering wheels and wheel caps.

So If I get a quote for DUTTON logo bonnet badges what would be the best way to do the boot badges? I can understand getting one sheet saying PHAETON or MELOS but its unlikely we would need Legerra or Sierra badges I think.

I'm not sure about not needing Legerra or Sierra. Also Malaga, B Plus, B Type, Beneto, Canterra, Rico ... okay we'd need a line somewhere!

I have an original BNIB bonnet badge on my desk to scan / photo as appropriate, took some finding but ... success.White letters, light gold or silver border, black background with a thin line round the outside.


brand new in box or bag... 

Sorry, ebay abbreviation

If it's any help guys, my son has just redrawn the badge in digital format and is ready to send anywhere to be printed

I did this. Grammerly font is a good replacement for whatever was originally used. Colours can easily be changed as can the text itself obviously. I just wish I could work out how get it to work as a transparent gif or whatever with no background.

The original badges had silver /chrome in them which I think may be a problem for printing. Certainly it's not a 'colour' on my PC. Might actually be easier to copy the multicoloured reflective style that was used on printed material

This is what my Son did for me and I believe this is the correct font? what do you think?

The top one is to be done as a cut vinyl so no background, second one is as close as the original as he could get.

Hi Daryl,

Phaeton bonnet size, I think its approx 150mm x 25mm

I've got an original one Black White Silver one here.

It's 6" x 1" exactly. (Tim was working in imperial measurements I think)

It's not that nice though as it has very square / sharp edges which snag polishing cloths easily  - which is why I like the domed type


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