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Not sure if this really qualifies as 'technical' but my freshly painted Melos needs some Dutton badges. I've asked Pete Brown and he's kindly having a search for me but can't lay his hands to them immediately, plus I've emailed the DOC but no reply.

I know I've seen them on eBay before but none listed currently. Does anyone have any of these or can point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.

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I bought Dutton decals from Antony Seaman, I've PM'ed you his email address. As I recall, his ebay advert showed a chrome Dutton Sierra. It would probably be worth sending him a message.

Thats the chap... Pete thinks we may still have stock and he will check in the morning.

Just by way of a quick update – the contact that James gave me (with the 'chrome' Sierra) turned up a pair of badges for me, they arrived this morning in the post. Super-helpful chap who must have posted them the minute PayPal had finished its work! Good quality too – and they are the brown/gold effect exactly the same as the ones I had to destroy before we painted the car:

Downside? I don't think he has many left as I asked for an extra pair for my Phaeton but he wanted to preserve his stock.

Am now thinking about ordering some wheels before I get some more photos ready of the finished article. (As if, of course, Duttons are ever finished...)

look good. if they are just stickers i can get them produced no problem my mate owns. sign lab. 

any chance you could get a couple of "Dutton Phaeton" badges made up for us?

any chance you could send me his details as I'm desperate for badges for mine?

hi ill post his details on here.  iv spoke to him today he says easy peesyhttps://www.facebook.com/signlabwath/?__mref=message_bubble

his name is kieron baker. nice lad


What sort of wheels are you looking at Paul? New, refurb or 'used', alloy or steel, retro or modern?

I found this to be a useful page for working out rolling radius and offset's etc LINK

Thanks Adrian. Definitely something with a classic look. The car has spent most of its years rolling around on Revolution four-spokes – 6x13 up front, 7x13 rear. The original idea was 185/70s and 215/60s but nobody sells the latter any more (I have some old stock ones in the garage but not worth the risk).

I feel you really need a bit of width to fill the rear arches so I'm tempted to jump to 15s for easier tyre availability. I'm a little worried I'll screw up the ride but it's not exactly built for comfort, so as long as it doesn't tramline I'll be happy. To that end, perhaps 195/55.

Anyone running 15s? I drove Pete Brown's V6 Legerra on 7x15 Wellers and it seemed fine...

I had 195/60/15 Dunlop fast response on my Legerra. Good tyres for 'aggressive road use'. Still have a full set of 5 in the unit. Its now on 195/60/14's and I like them. Toyo T1-R's seem popular but they don't seem to be available as 13's so 14 inch wheels may be the way forward.

I have 13x6 and 13x7 allycats, 13x6.5 MS compomotives, 13x6 RS four spokes, 13x6 BBS lookalikes, 14x7 CX Compomotives, 14x6.5 100+ 7 spokes (currently fitted) 15x7 100+ 7 spokes (staggered fit FWD offset) and the 15x6.5 Dotz Mugello's... I honestly don't have an alloy wheel fetish... well maybe a little one... I have a heath robinson wheel polisher on the build bench so hopefully some of these will be nice and shiny soon. 

I think concave dished is a requirement for our cars as these modern wheels with flat or convex faces just don't look quite right. Revolution 4 spokes are good looking wheels with the right tyres and the right 205 will do just as good a job as the 215's you were after. R888's are available in 185/60/13 and 205/60/13 if you really want summer grip.

Wow, that's quite a collection! I ran the Revolutions on 205/60s (rear) and 175/70s (front) for a couple of years. Drove well but the 175s were a little skinny and the rolling radius a little small for my liking. Think I'll give the 15s a go.

just watch the offset on 15's, they tend to be for fwd cars. Nice ones do come up on 'other forums' i'll keep my eyes open. :) Saxo alloys look good, bit 'flush front' for my taste but cheap.


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