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nipped out to pick up some Dolly sprint "bits" today and he has this for sale, now I have a hatred of TR7's, but could grow to like this one.  http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1980-Triumph-TR7-V8-4-6-litre-SUPER-CHARG...

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I had a 6, permanent misfire on the fuel injection system, no.1 plug always fouled. This TR7 is well hot, over 300 bhp. The guy has sheds full of gear. Got some sporting special bits for a Sprint engine. I think  ?

Is that a Rover derived V8? I thought that Triumph did a limited production of TR8's with Rover V8's in them (or was TR8 just a nickname, it might have been TR7 V8). As a kid, I used to like the TR4 and TR5 and thought that the macho TR6 was brilliant. The TR7 was always a little disappointing after that. I guess I could compromise my tastes for 310 bhp though.

triumph made their own V8 engine......


I believe officially it was the TR7 V8 using the 3.5l and later 3.9l Rover V8 engines and as Graham says a homologation special - Janspeed built and raced a twin turbo version at lemans
Triumph did indeed make their own V8 3.0l and the rest of the world still wonders why

There is a guy in Weston super mare, known as mad Mart, built a Sprint headed V8 stag and claimed it was easy. He is the guy who still races a Sprint and the one who sorted out the Sprint water pump troubles. He put an electric pump on, before they became popular, he has now sold me some "trick" bits for my Sprint engine which will be swopped over this winter. The stag engine, Saab wanted it, like they had the Sprint engine, but the unions blocked it and the unions finished Triumph and then British Leyland, appalling quality control etc. Red Rob ???

Hi Graham, yeah, it was a one off. But he proved it to be reliable in hill climbs etc. He still manufactures certain Sprint parts from bullets, his water pumps solve all problems. I'll see if I can find out what happened to it and is the video on u tube etc.

Stupid spell check, billets not bullets, :-)))

That is rather unusually high. In previous auctions that has meant that some joker is bidding but is not intending to actually buy. I do hope that is not the case.

Is that the one with the smoky engine? I cannot believe that air filter, :-)))

Steve, the V6 with a smoky engine is the one that I am buying, the yellow Malaga B+ with the "RS3100" engine. I am picking it up on Friday, I hope. Although the vendor might reconsider his price if he see that holey one on ebay.

No James, the one on the evil bay, think its Reading way, look at the state of that engine, covered in dirt and oil, could be a diesel or a smoky old V6.  Then the carb and lack of filter, Well known for banger racing before boat anchoring :-))


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