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Anyone have pics of a b-type chassis with crossflow fitted ? 

All mounts and bulkhead bars been removed previous (think it was running a v8 some point) 

Seen a few random with motors up to the front upper crossmember so dropped my gearbox in roughly to figure out what goes where and see if any clues but it seems way too far from gear tunnel ?  Be one hell of an extension needed by looks of it ? 

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those have been salvaged as they were hanging on for dear life as it was :/

ill get tape measure out and drop the block in and go from there but suspect its still going to be 1ft away 


I agree with Daryl, they look very much like ford mounts.

A few of the ford gearboxes had extentions available especially the early cortina ones if I remember correctly.

Maybe worth considering an MT75 from a 2wd sierra / granada as they had extenders on the shifter.

The hole in the bonnet looks like the sort of thing that people do if they have a crossflow, but it is rather far forward if that were the case. so the front of the engine would be near to the cross member that has been cut out. It is unlikely to have had a V8 with a cut out on one side, unless the bonnet came from somewhere else.

certainly something extended - another challenge :)

then there was me thinking crossflow gotta be easier than the mx5 motor i got here :) 

found a pic - will help thanks  

and spotted neat idea for brake light switch too - nice one 

Darren, I am watching your project with interest.

I think my Crossflow B type pics are still on here.  The rear face of the bellhousing sits about level with the front of the footwells.  As shown in my picture, the engine sat a bit high.  I put a "step" in the crossmember under the gearbox so it could be lowered about 1 inch.  The gearbox was a late 2000E with the alloy single rail tailshaft.  I did away with the remote change which was very sloppy, and bent the gearlever back at about 45 degrees to reach into the cockpit.  It worked very well and did not look out of place after modifying a few panels.

By the way - it handled very well without an anti-roll bar.  It is so much lighter and lower than a Triumph and has the shortened springs as well, so there is plenty of inherent roll stiffness.  The Triumph bar would be much too stiff anyway - compare Lotus 7 which had a only a 1/2" diameter bar, and fairly soft springs.

Hope this helps!

Too man cheers. I’ll go hunting around the galleries. 

Thanks for the the heads up and the roll bar tips. Just an idea while it was all apart seeing what if anything could be added to help. I’ve dropped the mx5 plan and thankful the jag v6 is now gone too and gone traditional with a 1.3 xflow to try n keep my tail out terrorism in check :) 

Metals in just waiting storage access so I can get all the brazing kit back in garage and get on with it 


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