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I am having problems starting the engine. It is a 1974 Humber Sceptre 1725cc. It take a long time to start. Usually the battery dies after many attempts and I have to recharge it at least once to start the engine. Once it starts up it will restart immediately the same day but if I wait a day to restart it I have the problem again. I checked the fuel pump and it seems to be working just fine and the plugs appear to be the correct gap and are clean. The engine runs great when started. Any idea what the problem may be?

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Definitely fuel, probably evaporating or draining back. Check fuel line to carb in the morning see if there's any fuel in the line at the Carburettor. Hope this helps.

If it's evaporating or draining back fit a small non return valve in the top of the fuel line (make sure it is gasoline compatible)

check the sparks.......the plug should have a nice fat blue spark....if its weak or often yellow the condenser (next to the points) is on its way out. also check the timing....and points gap 


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