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i seen a post a long time ago what was needed to put a type 9 gearbox to a 3l essex engine

need to no what type 9 box i need  short shaft

long shaft

i no will need a bellhousing

also can i use same clutch flwheel

it will be machanichal speedo

also what gear rasios

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Hi Allan,

In theory this conversion is doable, in practice it isn't unless you have lots of money to spend:

You will need the manual bell-housing from an early MK1 Granada 2.0L with the V4 engine as this is the only BH that will fit the Bullet/Type9 box and the Essex V6. These however, were pretty much unobtainable 25years ago when I tried to do this conversion. Nowadays there are alloy BH's to get the job done but they are expensive, too expensive in my view.

You will need the type9 from a V6 engined car, late MK2 or Early MK3 Granada of 2.8 Capri, again good ones are not cheap (were talking £100's) Though the mk3 granny has an electronic speedo it was simply a sender that bolted in where the mech speedo drive fits so that should be no problem and neither should the clutch if you're using cable.

Personally there are better engines with readily available gearboxes you could fit for the price of this conversion, but then why do you need a 5speed in a Dutton?

Probably not what you wanted to hear but how it is, have you looked to see if there are any kits to adapt the RX8 gearbox the the Essex lump?


no not looked yet

want 5 speed as better gearing and i no its a simple swop if i got all the bits no messing about with tunnel or mounts

Hi Allan,

I believe the ratio's on the V6 5 speed are almost the same as the V6 4 speed even though its a totally different box.

The 5th gear is very overdriven at 0.82. Not really sure where you'd use that unless you have 12" wheels or something. The 5 speed doesn't have closer ratios just one extra, it was mainly introduced for improved fuel consumption and exhaust emissions - why we now see 7 and 8 speed gearboxes these days


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