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Can anybody help me out I've been looking to upgrade the front brakes on my car and can't find a kit for the 1.3 uprights. Ive spoken to rally design and they said the 1.3  solid disk brakes are oddballs. What I don't uderstand is what is so odd about them ????

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Smaller diameter discs, M12 calipers not M16.....

The standard is 243 - 245mm, you may have the smaller mk1 van type discs.

Options as I see them...

Fit the M16 caliper and solid 245mm discs (which should bolt to your existing hubs and stubs)

Fit Capri vented discs and spaced M16 calipers (which will fit to the existing hubs but will need a spacer kit and possibly modified track rod ends)

Fit the servo and the disc/caliper setup as above. Unless you intend to go balls to the wall race mode anything bigger will just be constantly trying to kill you.

They look a smaller caliper as well still a twin piston girling type same as the Capri just looks smaller.


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