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All. I'm progressing nicely and won't be too long and want to drop car on its wheels. Now this is not a next couple of weeks job more couple of months but hit an expensive blocker!!!!! Hubs!!! I got caught a tad unaware but long and short of it I need a mystery pair of front triumph hubs but with the ford (4x108) stud pattern. I'm told exist and even know someone who has a pair but doesn't want to sell which is fair enough but wondering if anyone on here wants cash rather than hubs?? Pop Browns don't or won't make them and the other possible option is eye watering. Anyone?????


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There are or were hub adapters. I have them on the B+. I'm sure someone must have spares.

I would use adapters if have to but new decent ones are still pricey.

Pop Browns did my ones, but that was before Kris sold the business. He had a very nice Jig for drilling the hubs, If I could get hold of that jig, I could do it.   Its not hard to make a jig, just time consuming, I haven't got the time or inclination anymore.  

Yeah I called them and they hadn't got a clue then said not interested. Trouble is they are cast rather than steel so can't weld the buggers.

Do you know anyone you trust to braze them up with sif bronze? then you re drill at 45 degree to original hole. Fred in a shed type business or a "rabbit" for someone

Have just spoken to Mark at Pop Browns, he will look for the jig as it should have been part of the business he purchased from Kris. And he will come back to me.

merlin triumph hubs .ally and a choice of three PCD sizes.....
Steve I'm all out of rabbits. Paul thank you for taking the time to call etc. thanks Dave never heard of these companies. Sure some jelly babies can now be sourced. Lol
Paul did pop Browns get back to you Friday? Thanks

Hello John, I have been out of the workshop since Friday lunch time, there may be a message on the answerphone, will let you know tomorrow. 

Thanks Paul. Your a star.


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