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Hi there ,Hello again, Sorry for lack of using site..  i joined in march, having been a member years ago.. Do you  have fees, i.e. does it cost to be a member.  I had bought a dutton for spares  but not sure what model it is, certainly a phaeton,  and wondered if the escort fronts would swap easily enough to my other dutton phaeton/ failing that were all spitfire front brakes the same if i want to get replacement discs and callipers? also where do i get the bushes from for the link bars that hold the rear axle in place? And lastly does any one have a roll bar for sale.. Pretty please and many thanks in advance Si.. 

Ps Any members near me in dorking or down near lyme regis where i tend to visit a fair bit. Thanks again Si

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There would be no need to cut anything off the S4 as the lower wishbone brackets on an S1 / 2 are just 'tabs' welded to the chassis. 

Thanks Adrian.. you wouldn’t happen to know the part number I need or maybe the dimensions.. can you remember how much they were from rimmers.. many thanks Si


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