Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

So has anyone found any good quotes from anyone other than the usual suspects' ? ( flux,Sykes etc)
Cheers for any info

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I found Flux offered better cover than some of the others, not cheaper though.

Leggy, Sierra and Van - all with Flux.

Was with flux for many years,even had a relative work there.
Great service till you try and claim !
Jago jeep was rear ended while stationary in traffic so an driver who hit us admitted liability
Would be easy you would think and I'm their client after all
Said I would repair the jeep myself if parts were supplied so 3 hrs grp an painting it just needed a new roof and would be good as new so I contacted jago (even did all the calling/admin myself !!!) who told me they didn't do that soft top any more but there was a new style with solid doors or the hardtop
Told flux we would like the hardtop an would pay the extra £40and they were fine with that
I ordered an paid for the roof an sent the bill to flux who then say we aren't paying for this there is a soft top avalible ! FFS !!!
Spent about a month explaining too several people at flux that "yes" there is a soft top avalible,but it requires new doors,which took about 10 hours each to be built up with window frames,locks etc an new hood frames
They denied having said we could have the hardtop,sent them all the paperwork which they then lost !!!
Ended up getting half the money we should for the parts and I did all the repair work an fitting myself an I was a fully comp customer in a no contest claim !!!
Many more instance's of lies,incompetence an deceit that I haven't mentioned with this claim
Can you tell from the above post how I feel about flux an why none of my cars haven't been with them in 20 years
Like I said hade a relative work there an her husband even did some of the salvage through them but that was in the good old days when they were a fairly small concern based next to kings Lynn market place,then they bought a massive country manor just outside Lynn to relocate too and expand
Just my opinion but once they went there things just weren't as good

I use Osborne & Sons, not the cheapest (£119) but only by a couple of quid. 13 years with them now. and they insured y daughter while she learned to drive £25 a month

I use Osborne & Sons. My 2 litre Pintos cost me £175 each per year, fully comp. But then (as I recently found out) this is a car theft hot spot.

My only complaint was that when I had the Melos, my insurance needed renewing a week before I put it on ebay, so I cancelled the insurance after just 2 weeks and I got just £72 back from my £175. I had paid for 2 full years before that and only driven it 2 miles. When the girl phoned me to check if I wanted to renew, I had told her that I was going to sell it and she said that it would be no problem as I could just cancel it and get a refund. Yeah, right.


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