Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Morning All

Although not technical, I can't find a suitable sub-forum.

My insurance is due for renewal, £110, Malaga B+ 2.0 Pinto, 3000 miles per year, in a lock-up, good postcode, old git, no recent claims, no recent points, fully comp.

I'm always keen to save a few ££££ to spend on fuel, has anyone bought recently bought similar cover at a much lower cost?

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you wont get much if any lower.....i got 6000 miles a year and third party on other cars for £115 a year.....

I went with A Plan, 5000mls, not garaged, agreed value @ £3500 SDP + commuting to work, windscreen and glass covered.. I think it was £159 ish for the Legerra but mileage is the key to getting lower quotes.

That seems pretty reasonable as I am paying £160 for my 1600cc Melos. Who is it with?

£127 Graham? Does that include fire or do the exclude that for TVR's?

I heard a rumour that TVR's don't run for long enough to get that hot :)

So much of the premium is decided by postcode these days Graham... 

Thanks for the replies, I'm with Flux.

@ Dave Adams: your cover is good value, who is it with?

Chimps are probably low risk for insurers, the owners are either polishing or driving to the golf club ;)

My kit cars cost £179 each, Fully Comp. The trouble is that there is a permanent gypsy camp very near to my estate so things often don't stay where you left them. If you ever see them riding around on their pony and trap then don't get nostalgic - they are just checking out the area and it will be followed by a spate of thefts.

And if it is not the gypsies then the locals aren't much better - someone tried to steal my Rickman Ranger but broke the steering column trying to break the steering lock. We think they wanted it to ram raid a nearby tobacconist because it wasn't the only car tried that night before they found one they could use.

£125-00 for the B+ and £100-00 for the Sierra both with A plan now.

I'm with flux mine is on 2000 miles a year, agreed value and fully comp £115

I handed my hard-earned shekels over to A-Plan in the end, £95 for the year.


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