Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Sunday the 26th June, THe Northern Duttoneer's will be at The 26th Lancashire Classic Car & Bike Show at Hoghton Tower, Nr Preston. Gates open at 11am. The weather is promising to be SUNNY!!!

But rain or shine we'll be there. Usual BBQ & picnic (small pork pies for Steve H).


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panic over it was the met office, they've put it right now.

@ Dave T. Lovely day as usual, sorry I shot off down the motorway but needed to test the tyre/wheel/spacer combo at speed before work tomorrow.

Good to see John and his Sierra and nice to put faces to names Dave P and Mark W. Looking forward to a bigger vehicle turnout next year

It was great to see everybody and put faces to names.  All your cars looked great. 

Liquid sun threatened, but never got hold, yes the Sun shone on the righteous up North.

The day started well, first time drive the Phaeton in short sleeve order. We Met up at the Black Dog Pub in Belmont and we were late, must have been as Ade took much pride in telling me.

Then on to the show site at Hoghton Tower (King James I who, at a banquet held in his honour, famously knighted a loin of beef ‘Sir Loin’. History lesson over) this is a brilliant venue for an event rolling hillside over looking the West Pennines.

We got the gazebo built and set up the stand, it looked great. 5 Dutton at first until John Lee came along with his black Sierra yet another daily runner. So Phaeton S1, S3, 2 Legerra's and a Sierra, good turnout.

David Price and Mark Whittington dropped by to say "Hello" alway nice to put a face to a name.

Steve Kerry was appointed Official BBQ Chef and was tasked to get breakfast underway. Sausage and bacon and Kettle on what a grand start to the day.

While Steve cooked all the Kit Cars were called into the judging arena, we are classed with the custom cars, I think this is a little unfair as the money thrown at the customs makes them out class any kit car (I write to Andrew Greenwood for next year, see if we can get seperate classification). The very nice Red Morris 1000 van won the class, see photo.

The show had a better turnout than last year, we put that down to England playing in the world cup. It a well organised show with the judging taking all day.

We on the other hand sat Chatted, ate and drunk (Tea), great BBQ thanks to Steve K and smorgasborg of a picnic.

Brilliant day had by all. Check out the photos.


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