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Melos rebuild brakes and suspension next, front discs need replaceing Dia 219 mm im guessing they are mk1 escort 1300. Any help identifying the front suspension appreciated lm thinking shocks and bottom wish bones are triumph ,rear escort springs and shocks.

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Cheers Daryl will do

Front pads are readily available however discs and calipers are not so easy to come by.

It would be worth considering changing up to 245mm discs and M16 calipers as they are available and will continue to be for quite some time thanks the the increase in popularity of the mk1 and 2 escort.

Unmodified TCA's (lower suspension arms) are also still available new and Rob Saul has a jig to do the modification to the bracket which is actually an improvement on the original Dutton design. 

Adjustable TCA's are available from various companies via the internet but have a substantial price tag attached.

I keep pads, discs, calipers, TCA's and poly bushes in stock at the shop, mates rates applied for forum and club members.

If you want a price list add me and PM me :)

Lower arms and anti roll bar are modified escort mk1/2, upper wishbones are triumph herald/ spitfire, upper ball joint  is either austin maxi or triumph spitfire,


Thanks for the information was thinking the shocks were triumph as well 

Upper wishbones are Dutton made but designed to take triumph herald / spitfire bushes.

Upper ball joint is austin maxi.

Front shocks are normally hillman imp.

Triumph suspension parts were used on Malaga, Phaeton 1 and 2 and B types.

Ford parts (modified TCA and suspension upright) were used on S3 and S4 Phaeton, Melos and Legerra.

The upper wishbones on mine are definitely standard triumph part you can see in the pictures I put up. Also I have standard herald springs and dampers, but my upper spring mount within the chassis is a bit unusual from what else I have seen.

Incidentally I have fitted poly bushes in the wishbones and the part to buy is the Reliant Kitten Polyflex kit! This is half a spitfire kit as no lower wishbones. Reliant borrowed from the triumph bin heavily as well.

Looking at your pictures I'd say my upper wishbones are triumph 


Yours does look the same as mine.

The other thing my car has I have never seen is 4" round lights in the rear bumper, not an oval mounting.

Nice those lights, different from the 'mafco' trailer lights :)

I've got a set of massive 'hamburger' lights of a commercial vehicle somewhere, probably in the same box as the bedford CF2 ones I bought for a series 3 sierra and never fitted.

Front discs which are fitted to the Melos 


87mm PCD? Mine are all on 108mmPCD.


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