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Does anyone have a copy of the Melos build manual they could pass on to me?

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PM sent.

Hi Mark

Did you get anywhere in finding a build manual? I'm in the same boat!



Hi Paul I got a reply from Adrian telling me he has all the build manuals and offering to send me one for the Melos but I have not received it yet I'm still hopeful.

Yeah... about that. 

Seems there is a minor glitch in the reply to email address but have forwarded them again, hopefully to the right email address.

All received Adrian many thanks for your help much appreciated.

By great if you wouldn't mind forwarding on? paul961@talktalk.net

Sent, let me know when you get it.

Hi, I am interested To find out if the Melos build manual you get is a decent copy. The one I got from the owners club years ago was a copy of a copy of copy! Not very useful, the pictures suffered mostly.



Hi Brian I would imagine its the same copy.


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