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Bit more work on the project today, I got the indicators working it was a problem with the hazard switch I now need an escort hazard switch, got the brake lights working, the windscreen washer now working, got the fog lamp to sort, so it's all progress.

I'm no expert on these Mark, but a handy hint from going though it currently myself is to make sure you can get the right distance between the peddles and your bum as the first job then sort everything else around that!

Its all very tight and choice seats, even carpet makes a big difference how far back you can get!


I would agree with Paul.

Seat position relative to pedal position followed by steering column height and distance all in relation to the gearstick... Sounds complex but it's not that bad. Things like column position though can make or break a car on distance runs.

says the bloke whose wheel is so low he cant see the speedo...:(

New parts for the project


Some new bits for the project thanks Paul


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