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as the title I am after an escort mk1 mk2 escort rear axle preferably with the 5 link brackets but anything is better than what I have.

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I should have all the parts you need including the bars providing they are the same length as the Legerra.

Hi Adrian that’s great I do have a set of bars so between the 2 set I should have enough to make it work. Is it a complete axle with half shafts diff and brakes. 

Probably come as a kit but all the parts will match.
It would be a good idea to put the bars you do have onto the chassis, even if it's just with cable ties, to work out which ones you already have. short to the top, long one is the panhard rod and the other two should be lower arms.

Definitely got aset of bars, casing and shafts to match, might be short of a diff at the moment. It'll be buried somewhere.

I 've checked I have a full set of bars but another set won't harm when would it be available and how much do you want for it.

Adam. Do you have the modified U clamps that go over the axle, they normally get left on the end of the bars.

It's really difficult to phrase this diplomatically. If you already have a set of bars then i'd rather keep mine hoarded in case someone else needs a set. It's not that I don't want to part with them, just trying to make the most of any vehicle we break to keep as many as we can on the road. 

Best thing would be to cable tie up what you do have and let me know whats missing so I can find all the bits in the hoard.

No the 5 link bars are new soo don’t have the modified u clamps. That’s fine Adrian if you want to keep the bars that’s fine I can use the one I have, so I would just need a complete axle with the modified u clamps.

I'd skip the modified U clamps if you don't have them and go direct to brackets on the axle.
I definitely have the escort back axle, half shafts, backing plates and drums along with a few adjusters etc.
I have new slave cyl's and shoes in stock if you need them.

I'll post back in a sec, been summoned.

Rally design and motorsport tools both do the axle brackets. Only fiddly bit would be setting the flange at the right angle. Of course you could leave the axle loose in the brackets until it's back on four wheels, it could then be rotated in the brackets until it's 'right'. 

5 dimensional thinking required setting up car suspension especially when theres no weight on the chassis.

Making the top arms adjustable would help set axle rotation if it's out.


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