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Hi all


The time has come to embark on the restoration of chassis number 09 hence I am on the scrounge does anyone have:

Sprite/midget front suspension.

MK1 rear axles

Peddle box

Steering Colum

1098 or 1275 engines gearboxes

In short anything sprite that can help.


Cheers Andy Griffiths

Buxton Derbys oh and Sydney Aus




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Hi Andy

Its about time you got cracking on the poor old dear, must be feeling quite neglected now :)

Does the B type share some of the same parts?

Yep going to be a big job new chassis needed for 009 and no B Type stuff is mainly triumph


Cheers Andy

I'm sure you can repair the old one Andy....

Send it down, I'll build you a new one, no one will spot the difference, I'll even braze it if you wish :-)


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