Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Use this to list your parts for sale. Do not answer on these forum posts, please PM the seller direct with your offer. That way we don't get a log jam with comment after comment.

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Ade great idea you had, now lets make it work well on here.
I have created the Forum Category Parts for Sale. If you have something to sell, then choose this Category, add the details of what for sale, a photo of the part and what you want for it.
All of these items can then be searched by choosing Forum from the above Menu, and then "Parts for Sale".
If you want to auction you parts then use Ebay or something else, but not this Forum.
Lets make this work. There are lots of parts out there waiting for a new home.

Just seen this on Locost Builders

dutton kit car

phaeton kit car,has been unloved for many years ,most things missing or need replacement so view before you buy as it needs a full restoration in my opinion.car in accrington lancs delivery can be arranged price to be discussed.car is a y reg not a q,was crossflow engined,i have a few engine and box parts left,currently on triumph front and escort rear suspension,these pars are for sale as are the wheller 13" rims,please call no text phil 07957617548

Probably Phil's, I can't log in to the for sale bit anymore oddly...

The ad has no pictures, the text I posted is an exact copy of the post

Just found a four branch re shaped to fit a phaeton. looks to route under the car not out the side.

I've met the seller, he lives near Bolton.


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